Monday, March 29, 2010

another beautiful spring day

It has been a beautiful spring here in Kansas.  I love this shirt of Eric's as I call him "buster" a lot.

Ryan is really into "mowing" lately - I have a feeling this interest will go away about the time he is old enough to actually mow the lawn.

I think it is a requirement as a boy to love balls - of every size.

Ryan took a break to chill out and watch who-knows-what.  But he seemed to enjoy it.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


We got the boys Happy Meals for dinner.  The new theme is "How to Train a Dragon" (or whatever the movie is...)  Anyway, the boxes turn into Viking helmets

Eric is turning into quite a book-worm like his big brother.  He likes to bring me books and climb up in my lap to read.  BUT he REALLY likes to sit in this chair with a book :)

Oddly enough - Eric started kicking a ball around the kitchen tonight.  I tried to get it on video to show Sean as he was at a soccer game.  This was as close as I got, but it's pretty funny.  We may have two little soccer boys in this house!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

the tractor

Notice that Eric walks away like maybe he has had a few too many. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


The perils of learning to walk!!! Eric fell down face first into the corner of the wall. The swelling in this picture does not do his injury justice. It was truly the size of a golf ball within a couple minutes. At least he didn't damage the wall.

Yeah yeah!!! Get it out now. "Why did you let him do this? If that was my kid...blah blah blah"

This was just too funny not to capture.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

monkey slippers

Check out Eric's stylish monkey slippers!!

Mommy hit Ryan in the leg with a toy pretty hard so we had to get out the Lightning McQueen ice pack which made it all better.

passed out

We went to "Pump It Up!" for Jackson's birthday party. This is one of those places that has a couple rooms full of the bouncy play areas. The kids were exhausted after spending a couple hours bouncing. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random fun outside - and silly brothers

It was another beautiful day outside and as we headed out to enjoy it, our good friends showed up to play!

Here's the back of Preston - don't you just love the curls?  He is a month younger than Eric and I would take a guess that they will be best buddies

We set up the bouncy house so that Ryan and his best friend, Brayden, could burn off a LOT of energy.  We tried putting Eric and Preston in as well, but the older boys were too wound up.  We will have to try again another time.

At dinner, Ryan and Eric were being way too silly.  Ryan had Eric in hysterics as you can see from this video and the following pictures.  They really do get along quite nicely.

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I love this picture.

Eric's First Haircut

Well, the outrageous hair finally got to me, so we loaded up the kids to go get Eric's first haircut.
Sean decided we needed before pictures of both kids while we were still in the van...

This is actually the same company we took Ryan to for his first haircut, but they have recently moved closer to us (yea).  Eric thought this car was pretty cool.

He did surprisingly well - as long as he had his death grip on Mommy he seemed pretty calm and quiet :)

How do you like my handsome boy?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More fun and finally we get to go outside!

Today was a fun day - we played for a bit inside, and then it has finally been warm enough to head outside!

Eric is definitely becoming more steady on his feet and as you can see from these videos, he can walk farther now :)

I love these polar bear pjs! Eric likes the feet and plays with them a lot.

What? am I making a mess?