Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandma Jean, Grandpa Leroy and the giant RV

Grandma Jean and Grandpa Leroy drove out for a visit with their new RV.  They invited Ryan to spend the night with them and he had such a GREAT time.  He got to sleep on a fold down couch and help Grandpa Leroy get the RV hooked up and check to make sure everything was working well.  Grandma Jean and Grandpa Leroy took Ryan swimming and they had so much fun!  Ryan can't wait to do it again (hopefully for longer next time haha)

Jen B comes for a visit

So the infamous Jen B came to visit us (well, and to see Manchester United play the Wizards, but I am sure it was mostly to see us....).  I work with Jen B so Ryan has heard all about her.  Ryan has been looking forward to this visit for weeks as he is fascinated by Jen B since she plays soccer :)  He made sure to have me remind Jen B to bring her soccer shoes.  Well, she didn't  disappoint; she even had Sambas, or as Ryan says "flat shoes".

It was REALLY hot and humid out, but Jen B was a trooper and went outside to play soccer with Ryan :)  I think he has a new girlfriend.

I don't think Eric was as impressed with Jen B - as long as she didn't get in the way he was fine :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday bike

Grandma and Grandpa got Ryan a new bigger bike for his birthday.  Not the best picture but it is the only one I have.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More birthday fun

We celebrated after the soccer party with the family.  Here is Ryan opening his new cool Phineas and Ferb guitar (see picture of guitar further down)

I am not sure if he was thrilled about the money, but I am sure that will change as the years go by.

A new globe from Grammy and Papa

A new baseball tee from Mommy and Daddy since Mommy (oops) stepped on the last one and broke it.

Grammy made very cool soccer aprons for Ryan and Daddy

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Mommy got Ryan a tennis racket as he seems to be quite interested in the sport (yea!), and seems to think he should use Mommy's tennis rackets.  Not anymore!

Ryan's 5th Birthday Party

We had Ryan's birthday party at the indoor soccer place out here.  What fun!  The kids all got to run around on the 3v3 field kicking balls everywhere.

Eric seemed to want to spend his time with Grandpa.

Sarah and Josie

Ryan must have had something really fascinating in his shoe.

One of the guys from the soccer place rounded up the boys to play kickball. It was this guy against the 4 boys.  Jackson seems pretty pleased to have made it to 3rd base.

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Here's the cake!  It looks just like Sean's groom's cake from our wedding (well, minus the words)

We learned that Jackson really likes chocolate cake.

This is Colton's big sister, Adelyene, isn't she stunning?

Jorja and her daddy playing

Friday, July 9, 2010

De Soto Days

Well, they moved De Soto days from Labor Day weekend to the weekend after the 4th of July.  Boy was it HOT.  They had a new carnival this year which I think was much better.  Unfortunately Eric was still too small to ride a lot of different things, but he could go on this one with Ryan.

Ryan was quite happy to see Brayden

Not sure what they were flying into, but it must have been worrisome

Grandma took Eric on the carousel.  The first time he refused to even sit on the horse and spent the entire ride clutching Grandma.  This was the second trip.  As you can see, he was quite proud of himself.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cabin Day 4: Another sunset

Cabin Day 4: Santa's Land

This park is really cool, and completely age appropriate for my little guys.  All the rides are included with the ticket price, so Ryan and Eric can just ride and ride and ride (and maybe ride some more).  It is also not very crowded so we could let Eric walk around without having to hold his hand which we all liked very much.  Not only does this park have rides, but there is also a little zoo too.

Eric really liked the baby bears.

The paddle boat pond is disturbing.  There must be 2 million giant carp in there.  They follow the boats because you can feed them.  They are literally crawling on top of each other. Ewww.

Here is Eric riding the Merry-Go-Round.  I don't think he liked it too much.

One we got Eric on this ride, it was hard to get him off :)  He tried out all sorts of different cars!

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