Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from the Langes!  Grammy and Papa stayed overnight on Christmas Eve so they could be ready bright and early for Christmas morning.

Here are Ryan and Eric coming down the stairs - I think they were pretty happy with what Santa brought for them :)

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Ryan got the Lego Police Station

Eric got a new Thomas Train track

All the gifts :)

Eric opening his new Cars 2 Geotrax - yes it is ALL about trains for Eric

Ryan opening his new toy guitar

Mommy picked this out for Ryan so we can sort all of his Legos.  Have to admit I wanted to open this a few days ago when I was rebuilding all his Lego City sets.  It would have come in handy!

This is our motto

GeoTrax track from Uncle Jon, Aunt Linda, Nate, Chris and Jason

A new game for his computer from Grandma Jean and Uncle Leroy

Woohoo! another Lego set!  This is from Grandma Jean and Grandpa Leroy.  It was the first thing we built Christmas afternoon.

More Thomas trains from Uncle Jon, Aunt Linda, Nate, Chris and Jason

A couple of new games for Ryan from Aunt Terry and Uncle Peter

Oh look.  More things to build....

Angry Birds!

Grammy and Papa made two baskets for the boys :)  

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Eric and his new firefighter outfit from Aunt Terry and Uncle Peter

Ryan made this cool bag and ornaments (next picture) at school

Eric made this ornament at school

Eric wanted to take a nap with his new jayhawk things

Ryan and Eric both got silly nerd glasses in their stockings (but Ryan wouldn't let me take a picture)

We head out Wednesday afternoon to Grandma and Grandpa's house for another celebration :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dutton Family Christmas

All the young ones around the tree.

Eric was making silly faces.

After presents Papa took all the kiddos for a ride in the trailer. This was a big hit as always.

This shirt was from my folks. It says "Does this suit make me look fat?". I siad it wasn't the suit it is the fat belly inside the suit that makes me look fat. :D

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Visit with Santa

Grandma Jean came to visit this past weekend and joined us to visit Santa.  Ryan brought his list with him, which Santa read then handed it back telling Ryan he had it memorized.  He then discussed Thomas trains with Eric.  Oh how I love Santa!  The boys had a great time and both got to have a nice conversation with Santa.  The excitement just keeps building in the Lange household.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tiger Scout

Ryan is in cub scouts!  Here's my Tiger Scout :)

Eric wanted to join in as well

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Parade and Trick-or Treating

The neighborhood had a Halloween parade on Sunday night.  Apparently my ninja was moving too fast to take a clear picture.  Trever is with him as a spy

I think the cookie was way more interesting than the camera

Halloween night.  I can't get a good picture of Eric, but the poses Ryan was coming up with were cracking me up :)

Grammy and Papa come out every year to go trick-or-treating with the boys.  It's always fun to see what they will dress up as (and I finally got a good picture of Eric)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thomas and Mario

My mom made Eric a Thomas the Tank Engine costume - it is AWESOME!  We were originally thinking he could wear this to Boo at the Zoo, but then decided it might be a little bulky.

Grandma bought Ryan a Mario costume so he would also have a new costume for the zoo.  I love the blank mustache with the red hair HAHA

Zachary's Playground

After the zoo, we went over to the coolest playground I have ever seen.  Zachary's Playground is an accessible playground that is HUGE! There is so much to do!  This is the sign that is posted with Zachary's story

This is the bumpy slide - it is all rollers and was the favorite part with the boys

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This is the castle - note how BIG it is.  You can get up top via ramps or by climbing.  See the moat around the bottom?  There are all sorts of activities in the castle, they even have a braille board.  Too cool.

Ryan jumping down from about half-way up the ropes