Saturday, February 18, 2012


Ryan wanted to play basketball. I did my best to see if some of the other dads would volunteer to step up and coach. We had 4 teams and 2 coaches so I volunteered for basketball duty.

Here is Ryan warming up before the game.

Eric with one of his trademark cheesy grins during one of the games.

Our camera did not take very good pictures in the gym for some reason but the videos were not too bad.

This is Logan demonstrating his skills are way beyond that of a typical 2nd grader!!!

Ryan gets the pass and takes it down court...

It is Ryan's turn for the tip off.

So proud of his medal.

Here is the whole team. Notice we have 6 kids. Doesn't much in the way of subs. Sure glad that all of the kids were there for every game.

Because I will never remember all the names 2 weeks from now... From left to right: Colby Loomis, Logan Boehm, Ryan Lange, Cort Newman, Josue Perales, Trevor Jones

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ryan's First Grade Music Program: The Share Bears

Ryan had his First Grade Music Program tonight - The Share Bears.  Sean had this cool banner printed up at his workplace :)

Here is Ryan as a black bear

Trever on the left and Keaton on the right both had speaking parts

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That's Jade behind Ryan and to the right


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This is Caroline, Ryan's girlfriend :)

Eric wasn't very impressed with the show

Mikayla, one of Ryan's classmates also had a speaking part.  She is such a sweet girl and always says hi to me :)


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Ha - this is one of Ryan's friends doing the air guitar

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Mikayla on the left, and another friend of Ryan's, Olivia is in the big fuzzy ears in the middle

The bears are hibernating.  The kid with the "B" shirt was excellent.  I fully expect he will be the lead in all the high school plays :)  What a ham


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Mr. Green, the principal - he is wonderful

Brayden and Ryan

The boys with Mrs. Durand, their teacher

Mommy wearing the bear hat

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Silly Boys

Ryan and Eric got "nerd-glasses" from Grammy and Papa.  Here's Ryan :)  (Don't mind the pizza on the face)

Here is Eric wearing Mommy's slippers (on the wrong feet)