Sunday, May 20, 2007

Aunt Harriet's Birthday Party

Today was Harriet's birthday (Sean's Aunt) so she invited the family over for a wonderful birthday meal! It was a beautiful day, so we took lots of pictures:

Papa and Ryan

Grammy brought Ryan this really cool ball - note that it matches his outfit (ha!)

Ryan had his own "Ryan-sized" chair - he carried it straight over to this little table and wanted to be pushed right up there so he could bang the table

Grammy and Ryan on the balcony

Mommy and Ryan

Ed (Sean's dad's cousin) had a blast playing with Ryan ~ Ryan had us all laughing hysterically (see the video below!)

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Emily and David said...

I love the picture of you and Ryan! Well, all of them, but especially that one. He's getting so big. And your hair is long and pretty!

Walters Family said...

I love his laugh, it makes me miss him so much!

Jess said...

Sorry it has taken so long for me to get over to your blog and post! I've got you linked now too! :-)

I think Ryan may be Ella's first official crush. She was sad to not see "Rhine" at school today and she asked for him several times!

Glad you guys had a nice time with family on Sunday. Also, the lasagna was a HUGE hit- I need the recipe. Ella ate an entire serving too!

Jen said...

Jess - yea! glad you liked the lasagna ~ it's my mom's secret sauce, no one knows how to make it :( Sean wants to go out there sometime when she is making it so he can take notes!

and yes, Ryan gets a big smile on his face when we mention Ella!

Amber - we need to get together soon! we miss you guys!

rachd said...

Jen, Hi! I'm so glad Jessie finally posted your link! Ryan is a DOLL! Look at that hair! (I bet you hear that *all* the time ;o) ).

I'm so glad Jessie and her family have you around. Thank you for all you have done for them! :o)

Jen said...

Thanks Rachel - we just love Ryan's hair :O) it was the first thing the doctor mentioned!

And Sean, Ryan and I are having a blast with Jess, Bob and Ella ~ it's great to have new friends