Saturday, October 13, 2007

St. Louis weekend

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Riek in St. Louis. On Saturday we went to Grant's Farm.
Oh look at the Clydesdale!!!

Grandma can't you read? It says these horses may bite. HA!

Here is Grant's cabin. This was one of two weekends a year where the open the cabin to the public. We decided not to wait in line since 2 year olds (especially red heads) are not exactly known for their patience.

Ryan loved the ride on the "train" through the farm.

Here is a sampling of some of the live critters that are all over this very large farm.

There are lots of really cool decorations about for Halloween. Apparently, during October they decorate the whole place and open it up in the evenings for a really spook-tacular experience.

Ryan and daddy feeding the goats. These guys were really agressive. I would guess that if Ryan were alone they would have stolen the bottle.

Look Grandpa!!! Over there!!!

Bald eagle, need I say more?

It started sprinkling very lightly. Ryan was very concerned and made sure he held his head and said "Daddy wet" about 10 times, just in case I couldn't hear him.

I've always heard that camels are nasty and stinky. Having now been this close (he even at some food out of my hand), I can say with authority that they are the most foul smelling of creature you would ever want to be near.

Back at Grandma's house. Time to play!!!

We had breakfast with the "Pod's" on Sunday morning at Mimi's cafe. The food was good, the service good, but it was the company that was the main dish this morning.

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