Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vegas Trip!

My company Christmas party was in Vegas this year, so we begged Grandma and Grandpa Riek to watch the kids so Sean and I could escape for a few days.

We couldn't believe how cold it was in Vegas - and cloudy!  This was the view from our window

The Bellagio is hands-down my most favorite hotel to visit.  And it was all decked out for Christmas so it certainly did not disappoint :)

I should have had Sean stand next to this soldier to show how huge he was

They had huge candies hanging from the ceiling

There was a beautiful holiday display set up and most everything was made out of flowers

The reindeer are all made out of nuts - wish we had zoomed in so you could see it

This polar bear was HUGE - maybe 15 feet tall, and all made out of flowers - so cool!

And one picture from Caesar's Palace

We went back to the Bellagio at night so I could watch the fountains (again)

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Figures the sun comes out on the day we are leaving!   Beautiful skyline

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