Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winter Farm

We went to the "Winter Family Reunion" on Sunday which is Sean's dad's family.  This gathering is HUGE, with over 100 people attending.  However, it is in north central Kansas which is pretty far out there.  Sean kept telling Ryan that we were going to the middle of nowhere.  When we arrived in Palmer, Ryan asked if we were "in the middle of nowhere, yet?"  To which Sean said we were... Ryan was thrilled - he told Eric:  "Eric, we are in the middle of nowhere!" *sigh*  I have to admit, it is beautiful in this area, so peaceful, and a wonderful sense of community where everyone knows everyone else.

While we were at the reunion, Sean asked his cousin, Trent if we could bring the boys out to his farm to see some of his tractors and perhaps a cow or two.  Blade and Barrett, Trent and Connie's boys met us out at the farm to show us around.  I honestly think this is one of the most exciting days Ryan has had.  This farm is SO COOL!  Here are Blade and Ryan:

Not sure you can get the scale here, but Ryan is pretty high up

This is the tallest piece of equipment that Ryan could climb up on.  He was a little scared to go up, but Eric was pointing and trying to get up there.  We sent them both up :)

Eric and Barrett

Ryan about passed out when he saw that they had a 4-wheeler.  Blade was nice enough to take Ryan for a ride

The whole time Ryan was gone, Eric was pointing and going crazy.  Apparently he wanted a ride too!

I am so jealous - Ryan and Eric got to go for a ride on the new sprayer with Trent.  This tractor is HUGE!  Check out the video below

This is for my dad :)

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Thank you so much to Trent, Connie, Barrett and Blade - we had so much fun and really enjoyed hanging out and visiting.  Thanks for taking the time to show us around.  I think Ryan is already planning his return trip.

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