Sunday, February 10, 2013

More basketball

Ryan has really turned into a basketball superstar this year. He is the best dribbler on the team and has a knack for driving to the basket.

Drive down the left, no wait, back to the top, no left again. Driving the lane, quick pull up jumper, nothing but net.

Our little point guard does it again. Dribbling around the defense, nothing but net.

This last video just makes me smile. We have 8 kids on our team and before today 7 of the 8 kids have scored at least one basket. We tried desperately to get Kameron a basket. Here he finally gets his basket. So awesome to have such a great group of kids. They all listened to me after the first quarter when I told them the game plan was pass Kameron the ball and get him a basket. Here he does finally get his basket!!! This is the kind of thing that makes coaching priceless. Seeing the excitement from his teammates and the proud smile on his face lets a guy sleep easy at night. :D

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