Monday, September 24, 2007

Ryan Talk

Sean and I have been marveling over Ryan's vocabulary and how it just expands by leaps and bounds daily. There are several words that he has a hard time saying, but we know what it is, and for my own benefit I wanted to record this as we find some of these quite charming:

(although I will admit there are several "words" that Ryan has that I cannot for the life of me figure out, and he is just desparately repeating this word over and over (and louder and louder) Hopefully some day we can figure these out ~ Ryan will be quite happy when we do)

"Airmane" for airplane - although yesterday he said the "p" and we were quite sad :O)

"Nack" for snack

"Pable" for table - this has to be my absolute favorite right now

"Noopy" for Snoopy

"Seeping" for sleeping

"Sauce" or "Appysauce" for applesauce - he almost has this one down

"Tankoo" for thankyou - this just makes me smile every time

"chehyair" for chair - somehow he makes it into a two syllable word :O)

"like-king" for lightning mcqueen from cars

"mere" for come here

"heh-tore" = helicopter.

"moe hikel" = motorcycle.

"backit" = blanket.

"tunnel" - this is obviously for tunnel, yet we use this for just about anything that could remotely be a tunnel. Any bridge or overhang of any kind is a tunnel - and just as cool as can be.

It astounds me that Sean and I can understand what Ryan is saying 98% of the time, yet when we are then around other 2 year olds we have no clue what they are saying! I think each of them has their own secret language that only the privileged get to learn. So we will enjoy it while we can.

oddly enough "cookie" and "donuts" are as plain as day...

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