Saturday, September 29, 2007

Frogs for Hannah

I was at Carter's on Saturday and saw these P.J.'s - they are so cute and fuzzy! And they made me think of Hannah. Somehow I think she would have approved

(how could you not - look how cute he is!!!)


Jess said...

Those are AWESOME and very Hannah-esque!

Maybe someday my own little boy will be wearing them to bed. ;-)

MrsGrumpy said...

Oh, those are so sweet. And they look so cuddly. He is an adorable boy.

rachd said...

Okay, had to post it here too--I LOVE them and so would the Monkey! :o)

Ron and Kelly said...

Too cute! It's great how little frogs make us all smile thinking of Hannah.

Thank you SO much for stopping by last night so Ron and I could meet your wonderful family. Jess, Bob, and Ella are blessed to have you in the neighborhood. We were thrilled to meet you in person and will certainly see you the next time we're in town. Hugs to you all.

Kelly G.

Dani said...


Adam's Mom said...

Love them!!!!!!