Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving at the cabin.

Thanksgiving this year found the entire Riek family including the Marroquin's at the cabin in North Carolina.

Hi Mommy!!!

Edna is Lorena's niece and Pat is Lorena's godson. Both from Mexico, they are staying with Javier and Lorena for a year so they can go to school in the US.

Hey Edna check out this movie.

Two innocent young men waiting for breakfast.

Connect four.

Rebeca playing Battleship with Christopher.

The two bikes were a big hit with all the kids. Here's Nathan chasing Ryan.

Christopher and Sean watching TV.

Apparently Sean looked like a comfortable place to sit.

Speaking of comfortable's Andrea relaxing.

Edna, Pat and Rebeca playing Monopoly.

Finally caught Javier and Lorena together.

Saturday was Linda's birthday. Notice how gracefull she kept Jason from spitting on the cake.

Pat and Ryan playing soccer.

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