Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Festival in Topeka

We went to the Apple Festival in Topeka with Grammy and Papa.  Sean has fond memories of going to this when he was a kid.  

Ryan was excited to ride on the hand car.

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They had a petting zoo - Eric thought it was hysterical to have the goats eat food out of his hands

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Here is Ryan in the ambulance.  Let's hope he never sees the inside of one again - unless he is working in one :)

This was Eric's mood for most of the day

There was a story teller while we were eating; he was telling Native American stories.  He wanted some volunteers to help him out and much to our surprise, Ryan volunteered.  He gave each of the kids an animal pelt to hold and he called them up one by one to show the audience the pelt and talk about it.

Ryan was up first, with a skunk pelt. hahaha

The guy explained that they used skunk pelts to make hats for kids.  Doesn't he look thrilled?

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