Sunday, October 31, 2010


Our neighborhood had their annual Halloween parade so all the kiddos get to wear their costumes and walk down the street. Of course at the end there are snacks and hot chocolate. Brayden was totally hilarious as Superman. He has blonde hair normally so it was very striking to see him with jet black hair.

Trever was dressed as a knight but insisted on wearing a Frankenstein head for the parade. :)

Here I am wearing my Dad's overalls that he picked up in junior girls department and a mask from Grandma. I mentioned that I looked like Ed Gein and got lots blank stares but lots of people said I looked like the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (of course Ed Gein the serial killer from Wisconsin was the basis for the movie - I guess he isn't too well known).

Eric is fascinated with Pablo much like his brother was. The first time he put on his costume he started jumping up and down and kept yelling "Pablo!" over and over for about 20 minutes.

Ryan and Brayden posing just before setting out. Notice the house across the street from them. They really put out a spread this year. Instead of candy they brought the grill and served fresh grilled hot dogs with soda or hot apple cider.

Eric and Preston didn't actually go up to very many houses but they obviously enjoyed the candy!!

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