Friday, July 8, 2011

Branson Vacation Day 7

The girls went shopping and the boys went golfing. We drove past this cool looking dinosaur mini golf place on our Ride the Ducks excursion earlier in the week so we decided to check it out.

Papa attempted to keep score for about two holes then realized it was not worth the effort. The kids didn't care and Grandpa and Daddy were so terrible it didn't make much difference.

We came out of this tunnel through the middle of the volcano and looked straight ahead at a GIANT mechanical T-Rex. He was really cool looking and the boys were definitely checking him out. The "scary" part is that he had a boot and what looked some tattered clothes in his mouth.

This gives you and idea of how large that T-Rex is. If you look closely in his mouth you can see the boot on the right side. Notice the climber on the wall is missing his right foot. His pants were all shredded and bloody.

This is the front of the house we stayed in. The boys loved that there was a bridge to get to it.

For our last night we went out for ice cream, then stopped by the dam on the way back. Didn't have the camera, so these are from my phone.

We walked down to the water (88 degrees) and the boys decided to stick their feet in. Luckily they were wearing their water shoes. Note that Eric is getting a tad wet here - haha.

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