Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ryan's 6th Birthday Party

Ryan had a Lego Birthday party with 12 kiddos and numerous adults - it was 100 degrees outside so we all agreed an indoor party would be the best :)

A Lego birthday cake and candles of course

Opening thousands of gifts is tough work...

I think the space launch pad was a big hit

Look at this cool wrapping paper Trever made for Ryan

All the guys checking out the homemade card Trever made. I have to laugh at Trever's cheesy smile here.

Caroline - Ryan's girlfriend

So we had them pick teams to do a ping pong ball relay.  Too funny.

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Caroline is pretty talented

Here is the balloon race - if you can get past Ryan's melt down in the middle, it is pretty humorous

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All the guys decided to pop all the balloons.  Apparently that is pretty difficult

My friend Candy made lego hair bows for the girls - aren't they adorable?  Here is Jorja modeling for me

Ahhhh, finally - we have the airport!

This scooter is pretty cool!

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HAHAHAHA - Lego overload!

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