Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boo at the Zoo in St. Louis

We wanted to go the the St. Louis Zoo one more time this year.  The only weekend that was available was Halloween weekend, so we got to experience Boo at the Zoo.  It was pretty cool with all the kids in costumes :)

It was a little cooler out so a lot of the animals that we don't normally see (because they are hiding from the heat) were out.  We always get a kick out of the Rhino exhibit because most of the time we don't get to see them.

This cat was so beautiful - here are two pictures of him.

Here's our required snake picture!

Warning - lots of elephant pictures ahead!  My favorite animal is the elephant, and the St. Louis Zoo has a HUGE elephant area.  This is Raja, he was born right after my parents moved to St. Louis in 1993.  Now he is the man of the house as I believe he is the only male elephant.

I can't remember this little girl's name, but she is so tiny!  The second picture is mostly for size reference.

She's a little bow-legged when she walks, I could have watched her for hours, but the family wasn't quite as enthralled as I was.

This video is quite cute.  It's the little one playing with a branch

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Moving on...
These bears are quite small (for a bear).  They looked so cuddly until you looked at the size of their claws.  Wow.

There's a dinosaur riding this carousel

and a ninja...

The boys favorite part - the train!

Can't say I have ever seen this before at the zoo.  The female lion was up in the tree.  The second picture shows how high up she was, and the male lion is sleeping under the tree.

I think the coloring on the dark giraffe is pretty cool

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