Saturday, October 1, 2011

KC Pumpkin Patch

We went to the KC Pumpkin Patch with Adrien and kiddos.  Wow, this place has a ton of stuff to do!

Here is the tricycle race track

They had a pumpkin cannon - that was cool :)

Not sure if you can really see how far the pumpkin goes in this video

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A barrel "train".  I think Eric would have been happy to ride this for the entire day.

They had a pillow bouncer instead of a bouncy house.  This is way cooler than a bouncy house!  The kids loved it.  Only problem was Eric couldn't get up on top.  See the video after the pillow pictures, we were quite the entertainment for all the spectators.

Here's the video of Eric trying to get up on the pillow

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And....back to the train.

All the kids in the giant chair

CLIFFORD!! Eric loved him!

Note how his ear keeps blocking all the kids - oops.

shocking.  back to the train.

Finally got the kids off the barrel train, and we find a train playset.  Progress!

They had a huge sandbox filled with all sorts of John Deere trucks and tractors.  Ryan and I played in this for quite a while.

Riding on a bigger "train"

Here is the PVC roller slide.  I wish Sean had video of Adrien and Jorja going down this, it was hilarious.

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After the pumpkin patch we decided to try the Sporting KC corn maze.  Wow.  I can see why they post those signs that say "LOST? Text XXXXX for directions"  I think we only made it through about half of the maze.  At that point I was determined to just survive and get out :)  I think this would be a lot more fun when the kids are a little older and we can follow a map through it.

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