Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cabin and Nantahala Outdoor Center

Grandma had this hilarious bear mask. Seemed to fit well on Ryan.

We went to another river (Nantahala). This is really quite amazing to see. They release water from the damn upstream once a day and it more than doubles the amount of water in the river. When we got there the edge of the river was about 20 feet from these rocks. Once the release made it downstream these rocks were underwater.

The windup...

...and the throw!!!

(notice how far the splash is)

Ryan put on Mommy's crocs to wade in the river with Daddy. This water is about the same as the other river. COLD!!!

Here we found a great spot to stick in our feet.


Taneal said...

Did Ryan like the water or was it too cold?

Jess said...

They do that at the New River too, we always had to stop swimming by a certain time because when they let the dam out the water would rise quickly and become dangerous.

I love that he put on your shoes!