Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oak Island - the beach!

The next phase of our vacation took us to the other end of NC. We met up with my mother, step father, sister, and Ryan's only surviving great grandparent. We rented a fantastic house right on the beach. Thursday afternoon we ran to the beach quickly for as much as we could get because tropical storm Hanna was coming late Friday.

The surf looks pretty tame before the storm...

Ryan actually got his feet wet. Not bad for a guy who is terrified of the water.


Since Ryan wasn't interested in going into the ocean I decided to bring the ocean to him. He was fine standing on the beach back from the waves. I built him a "pool" so he could enjoy the water. I just filled it with water from buckets that i filled with ocean water.

Hard to believe but I caught a fish with a platic bucket!!!! It was swimming around in his makeshift pool. I managed to catch it again with a shovel and released it back into the surf.

Grandma Betty, Grandma Jean, Daddy walking in the surf.

This lighthouse was about a mile up the beach from us.

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