Sunday, July 1, 2007

at the cabin (in search of the perfect sunset)

As always, Sean and I are in the hunt for "the" sunset picture. Not sure if any of these fit the bill, but they are pretty good.
This is at the "cabin" (log home) that my parents own in North Carolina - way up in the smokey mountains (aptly named)

See how low the water is!!!

This one is a panoramic that Sean took - it should look bigger if you click on it to open it up


rachd said...

SO beautiful!!

I'm dying to move back to my mountains. Maybe someday...

Jess said...


Walters Family said...

Jen I would love some copies of those pictures to blow up to put on my wall. Let me know if I can do that! They would be beautiful on the wall.

Jen said...

Amber - I think you can just click on the picture (then once you get the full size, right click and save to your computer)
Let me know if that doesn't work and I will send the originals :O)