Monday, July 2, 2007

The Biltmore

Day 2 (or 3): The Biltmore!
My mom and I just love going to the Biltmore, so when Michaelx2 and Ken said they were interested in going, we jumped at the chance.
Unfortunately, it was crowded beyond belief, so the visit wasn't great ~ but the initial view was!

Michael and Ken - saying goodbye - they were off to travel around and see the sights

Here's Ryan waving goodbye


rachd said...

You know, as close as I live, I've never been to the Biltmore. I've heard tons about it and have always been stunned and awed by the pictures I've seen.

I even know of a girl who had her wedding there. Can you imagine?!?

Jen said...

oooh - that would be so cool! If you go (and I HIGHLY recommend it), pay the extra money to get the behind the scenes tour - totally worth it. AND make sure you get the headset for the house tour - lots of cool information.

I keep wanting to go there in the spring for the flower gardens - they have such wonderful gardens!

rachd said...

How did Ryan do? I'm a bit concerned about Miss Lily but I know my Hannah Diva will be fine.

My girlfriend went in the spring and brought back TONS of pix of the flowers. If we ever make it, I'm contacting you for the best way to go about doing it!! :o)

Jess said...

Bob and I have visited the Biltmore two times. Did you do the behind the scenes tour? Part of me is sad that the house is no longer lived in- it seems ashame, but them part of me is sort of in awe of the egotism that could imagine and then build that enormous house!

I can't believe they had an indoor pool and a bowling alley- I'll bet that family hosted some very fun parties!

Jen said...

Rachel - Ryan spent the time outside with Grandma! (ha!) But they do have a really cool scavenger hunt that they hand out to kids. It has things for them to try and find in each room - obviously a little above Lily, but Hannah would love it!

Jess - we did the behind the scenes tour the last time we were there - but not on this trip. Love it - and recommend it to everyone