Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Visit from Grandma Jean and Grandpa Leroy

Grandma Jean and Grandpa Leroy came for a visit ~ we all had a great time
(notice Ryan's new hat)

Ryan peeking under the railing...

In the tunnel

Grandma Jean and Ryan dancing

big hugs


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is by far the best looking thing you have dressed Ryan in. Well done :-)!


rachd said...

Hm, maybe I had better send Ryan a Hokies hat... :oP

Aren't grandparents the most fun ever??

Jen said...

Ha! We are open to all hats (or at least I am, Sean might not agree)

Tiburon said...

So much fun! We are having a visit from grandparents this weekend. The kids sure love to hang out and "learn" things from the grandparents! :) I love Ryan's lil Crocs too!

Jen said...

aww, I love those pics!!