Friday, July 20, 2007

Prayers and Thoughts for a Dear Friend

The unimaginable has happened, my good friend Rachael has lost one of her shining stars. Her daughter, Hannah, passed away yesterday (the 19th). She is 5 years old, and just as beautiful as can be.

Here is her blog, if you get a chance, she can use all the energy you can muster.


pipsylou said...

Jen -
I'm Rachel, and have known Jess online for 3 years. We were going to meet for a play date soon as I live in KC too. What can we do? Can we bring something to the house that Bob can take to VA? I just feel so helpless.


Jen said...

Hi Rachel! I am not really sure what we can as everyone is with Rachael and Brien right now. Hopefully, when they come home we will be able to offer support of some kind, but for right now, I am also feeling helpless. Just keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers

rachd said...

Jen, thank you thank you thank you. We most certainly need all the thoughts and prayers we can get. You are so wonderful to do this for us. I love you! :o)

Walters Family said...

Oh my, this is something I fear so much. My parents live by the water and it scares me when we go to the pool. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. I can't imagine being without my baby. Let me know if there is something I can do. May they find strength and faith to get them trough all of this.

Two Shews said...

I read about Hannah shortly after it happened, and it has weighed on my mind heavily since that time. Following links through her beautiful site, I saw that you are nearby in Kansas, and wanted to send you good thoughts for your friend and her family.