Friday, May 18, 2012

Jenny's Wedding - Day 1: at the beach :)

Sean's sister, Jenny had her wedding on the beach in Delaware this past weekend :)  Our family flew to BWI then drove to Bethany Beach on Thursday.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast called The Addy Sea - it was gorgeous. Usually it is 21 and over, but for weddings they allow kiddos.

Here is Ryan on the little boardwalk that heads to the ocean.

Eric's first trip to the ocean.  I was pregnant with him the last time we were on the beach.
He is not a big fan, I have to say.  The waves were scary to him.  Of course it was REALLY windy while we were there, and quite chilly.  Perhaps if it was less windy, he might be happier to be on the beach.

This is the bed and breakfast

We decided to check out the town, get lunch and find a place for the kids to burn some energy.
I think the 4:30am wake-up call the day before caught up with them before we even got started :)

This is on the boardwalk of Rehoboth Beach hahaha.  Most things were still closed up this early in the season or only open on the weekends.  We were fortunate to find a few arcades for the kids to play in.  We also stopped at Friendly's for lunch, so Mommy was pretty happy about that.

The bride and groom (Jenny and Evan), opening a gift from Jenny's Grandma Pabst.  It was a beautiful milk glass piece

They also received this cool painting of the Addy Sea from a family friend of Jean and Leroy

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