Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jenny's Wedding - Day 2: Pirate Mini-Golf

what's better than mini-golf?  PIRATE mini-golf! ARGH!

This little golf course is pretty cool for the little ones, not much of a challenge so no meltdowns.  That's a win for me. :)  Grandma Jean, Sean, Ryan, Eric and I all took the plunge on this one.

Ryan of course chose a purple golf ball. (and just like in baseball, he has his hands backwards)

Eric's golf form is hilarious - he just holds the putter (wrong) and pushes the ball along, in essence driving it, until it falls in the hole

Look at that winning form.....

See this guy?  he moves... and talks... and waves the pistol.  Eric was deathly afraid of him

Grandpa Leroy went for a bike ride and met us at the course.
I love both of these pictures, so I am putting both in here - can't decide which I like better

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