Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ryan's 1st Grade Field Day

Ryan finally got a real taste for what Field Day is this year.  Last year it was raining so it was inside and he had no idea what he was missing out on.  The fact that it was 92 degrees out did not stop the fun :)

The first station was a beanbag toss - Ryan did a great job, Sean and I were pretty impressed with his accuracy

Shade.  yea!   Throwing the ball against the wall (attempting to hit a target)  The danger was in retrieving the balls.

Water and snack break.  Here is Mrs. Durand with part of the class.

Tire rolling.  Ryan went against Jade.  Not a good match up - she is the most competitive/athletic girl I know :)

Ryan tried hard - but there is no beating Jade LOL

Here's a good look at the shirts the 1st grade made.  They have worn these on their field trips as well.

Mrs. Durand evened out the teams - note she is keeping a close eye on the competition, but in the end, beats out the other team LOL.  Have to admit she likes to win as well!

Tennis elbow game - another relay race

Here is the class "lining up"  I do believe I heard Mrs. Durand say "your field day can be over now" hahaha  Glad it isn't only my kids that have to be "first"

Ryan's girlfriend, Caroline

Sack race

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At least Jade was on Ryan's team this time

A fuzzy picture of Brayden

They attempted to do a 3-legged race without binding the legs together - this is Ryan and Juan  

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Down for the count. I am sure all the parents out there can here the whining in this.

Jumping the river contest.

Jade - wow.  look at that form!

Ryan did pretty well at this

Brayden won the competition :)

Shoe kicking.  I am thinking this should be a new competitive sport.  I did predict correctly that Ryan's would go backwards :)  Here is Brayden.

This was my favorite - a spin off of duck, duck, goose, it was "drip, drip, splash" with a large sponge of water.  Drip on each person's head until you really let loose and splash on another kids head.  I bet it felt great in this heat!  This is Jade.

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