Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jenny's Wedding - Day 2: Beach and Surfing

Back at the beach.  Eric is ok as long as we are about 100 yards away from the waves.

My boys.

Chilling on the porch, putting the shoes back on

Sean's cousin, Jessica is currently living in England and brought her wonderful man, Tom to the wedding with her.  He is a lifeguard and surf instructor so he decided it was his calling to "stand up on the board" on this side of the big pond.  He borrowed a board from the local bike shop and headed out in this crazy cold water.  There was no leash on the board, so it was a bit tricky at times

Ryan was so excited to see this

The expectations on Tom kept increasing as the crowd got bigger - haha!

I will put in writing that he did finally get up on the board, but did I get photographic proof? no. OOOPS.

Here is right before he stood up...

and.. right after, as he rode the board back to shore.  It was pretty cool to watch :)

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